Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive breast surgery is an integral part of treating women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. Both Dr. Oliver and Dr. Jack have extensive training in advanced techniques for breast reconstruction surgery and offer these services at most area hospitals including:


During your initial consultation, the doctor will review your medical history and your work up to date for your condition. Depending upon your needs, we would typically make a recommendation for treatment that is felt to be best for your individualized care. In coordination with your other breast cancer physicians, both medical and surgical care treatment plans are established with your input.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

We offer complete services for breast reconstruction surgery including procedures that use both breast implants and/or your own tissue. In most instances, breast reconstruction surgery will involve multiple stages to reach a final endpoint.

Breast Reconstruction is broken down into two main surgical approaches:

1. Autologous Reconstruction techniques that typically use tissue from your abdomen or back to rebuild the breast form. These would include "TRAM" flap procedures which harvest abdominal skin/fat and "Lat" flap which uses the latissiumus muscle from your back. Autologous procedures are ideal for healthier patients having a single-sided mastectomy procedure as they mature more like natural breast tissue over time as compared to implant reconstruction.

2. Implant Reconstruction involves a 2-stage surgery where a temporary implant device called a "tissue expander" is placed following mastectomy. This device prepares the skin shape to later accept a softer permanent implant in a second procedure usually performed 4-6 months later. Patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy following mastectomy may have more prolonged duration between the tissue expander placement and the permanent implant placement. Implant reconstruction is often preferable in patients undergoing mastectomies on both breasts or in patients wishing a shorter recovery then that afforded by autologous techniques.

We are constantly improving surgical techniques and materials to improve our results. In recent years advances in silicone gel implant technology, improvements in fat grafting techniques, and the liberal use of acellular dermal matrix (ADM) products like Alloderm® have elevated our abilities to produce aesthetic breast shapes following mastectomy surgery.

Nipple Reconstruction Procedures

Nipple reconstruction is typically one of the final procedures performed during breast reconstruction. In most instances a small skin "flap" of tissue is created to produce a shape resembling your nipple. This procedure is usually minor and in many instances can be performed in the office if you require no other simultaneous procedures. For the most aesthetic results you may later be referred for permanent medical tatooing to reconstruct the shape of the areola, the pigmented tissue surround the nipple. Other techniques of nipple reconstruction can involve nipple graft "sharing" from your other breast or creation of a projecting shape with placement of small pieces of Alloderm® under the skin.

Onco-Plastic Surgery

Onco-plastic surgery is a discipline that attempts to minimize the scarring and improve the aesthetic results of breast cancer procedures. Many of the procedures involved in this surgery group require close coordination with your breast cancer surgeon to optimize scar placement and facilitate your reconstructive surgery.

Examples of this exciting field include:

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