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Breast Lift

Birmingham, Alabama

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A surgical procedure designed exclusively to raise the breasts to a higher-sitting position on the chest. This restores a more youthful and tightened appearance.

Breast Lift Surgery in Birmingham, AL

Not all cosmetic enhancements for the breasts equate to a larger size. With a breast lift, patients can counteract the symptoms of aging breasts or breasts that have fluctuated in size, shape, and elasticity thanks to lifestyle changes or childbirth. A breast lift (mastopexy) removes the excess sagging skin and tightens the remaining skin for a perkier breast line. The breast lift can address any breast size, shape, or ptosis level (sagging) to reach your aesthetic goals and compliment your silhouette.

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What Can Benefit From Breast Lift Surgery?

Aging Breasts

Collagen and elastin weaken as we age, and, over time, the strength of the breast tissues break down. This breakdown, accompanied by gravity, causes the breasts to begin to sag naturally, causing women to look older than they actually are. Breast lift surgery trims excess skin and manipulates the tissue surrounding the areola to rejuvenate and reposition the appearance of aging breasts.

Post-Pregnancy Breasts

Childbirth can be one of the most beautiful experiences, yet the same cannot always be said for its effect on your body. When a woman becomes pregnant, it is normal for the tissue in her breasts to morph and stretch to accommodate the production of milk and weight gained during pregnancy. A breast lift is designed to reverse these unwanted changes in the breasts.

Post-Weight Loss Breasts

As you lose weight, the once heavy-sitting nature of your breasts can begin to decrease. While this can help you look more attractive overall, significant weight loss in the breasts tends to leave them drooping or deflated. A breast lift will correct any skin laxity that would be impossible to combat with diet and exercise alone. Combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation is an ideal way to restore breast volume and shape after significant weight loss.


How to Prepare For Breast Lift Surgery?

Dr. Jason Jack or Dr. Robert Oliver will examine your breasts and body frame to establish a strategy for addressing your current breast position. Women who wish to seek the solutions provided by a breast lift surgery can prepare by ensuring they are in good health and committing to thorough research to understand the limitations and possibilities of breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery is a very personal choice, and patients should consult with professionals to establish realistic expectations regarding their results. Patients may need to take before-and-after images, undergo a medical evaluation, adjust their consumption of medications or supplements, and eliminate tobacco and alcohol use for at least two weeks. Your consultation with Dr. Jason Jack or Dr. Robert Oliver will thoroughly discuss these requirements before your breast lift.


What Can You Expect From Breast Lift Surgery?


During your consultation, Drs. Oliver and Jack will examine your breast anatomy and develop a surgical plan depending on your cosmetic goals.

Breast Lift Procedure

Your breast lift surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. The breast lift technique used during your surgery will depend on the extent of corrections needed. Breast lift incisions are either crescent or vertical and vary based on the severity of breast tissue sagging. The three most common incision types are around the areola, around the areola and vertically down from the breast crease, or vertically down from the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease (anchor incision).


You will notice a redefined breast position immediately following the surgery. Your new breast contours will continue to improve over the following weeks, feeling tighter and more natural to your chest.

Have Additional Breast Lift Concerns?

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After breast lift surgery, it is normal to feel sore and swollen with a lack of sensation in the breasts. This inflammation and numbness should resolve itself over the next two to three weeks.

Following your procedure, you will be given thorough instructions regarding the care of your incision area. Any heavy activities should be avoided for three to four weeks and resumed only when cleared by Drs. Oliver and Jack.

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Your breast lift incisions will be placed around the areola, down the lower pole of the breast, and along the breast crease. While this can create visible scarring, patients can minimize this by applying scar cream and other skin care therapies. All scars fade with time.

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The cost of your breast lift surgery will depend on the extent of corrections needed, techniques used, procedures combined, and other related factors.

You will be provided with an exact cost estimate during your breast lift consultation.

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Breast lift surgery is performed under anesthesia to allow for a painless procedure. Pain can easily be managed with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.

The desire of Dr. Oliver and Dr. Jack at Plastic Surgery Specialists located in Birmingham, Alabama is to provide you with the finest personalized care while creating beautiful, natural results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a breast lift require an implant?

Breast lift surgery does not require implants and can be a stand-alone procedure that corrects any breast size and shape. Breast lift surgery can be used in combination with breast augmentation (implants) to achieve a more youthful appearance, especially in patients who may have experienced a loss of elasticity or skin quality in their breasts due to pregnancy or aging. Breast lift surgery is also considered after breast implant removal and breast reduction.

How long is the recovery after breast lift surgery?

Depending on the extent of your excision and the natural rate at which your body heals, recovery for a breast lift surgery can take from up to six to 12 weeks. At six weeks, most patients have fully recovered; however, it typically takes patients up to 12 weeks for their body to become fully acclimated to their new breast shape and position. The results should feel and look fully settled at this stage in the transformation.

What is the difference between a crescent breast lift and a vertical lift?

A crescent breast lift and a vertical lift describe the shape of the incision at the beginning of the procedure. For example, a vertical lift is often described as a “lollipop” lift with an incision made circling the areolas that extend vertically down the lower pole of the breast. With both incisions, breast tissue is tightened, areolas can be minimized, and excess skin is removed. This technique is ideal for patients who have moderate sagging of the breasts.

Can I combine breast lift and areola reduction in one surgery?

Areola reduction is a common part of a breast lift. Breast lift incision techniques often require an incision around the areola, making it extremely convenient for surgeons to correct them. Whether you have minimal or severe sagging, the areola can be made smaller for more elegant-looking breasts.

Will a breast lift without implants make breasts look smaller or larger?

Breast lifts are not designed to alter the size of your breasts; therefore, your breasts should not look significantly smaller or larger than they previously were. Breast lifts will be about the same size they were before your lift, although you may notice a tighter, more snug breast line as small amounts of tissue have been removed. This higher-sitting breast tends to make the breasts appear fuller.

Where are breast lift scars located?

Where breast lift scars are located is entirely dependent on the type of incision your surgeon uses to perform your lift. Some scarring will form around the areola and blend easily within the difference in skin coloring, while others will form on the lower portion of the breast or along the crease. Good skin care and minimum sun exposure can dramatically improve the fading of your scars.

Will I maintain nipple sensation following a breast lift?

It is normal for patients to experience a slight numbness or change in nipple sensation after a breast lift. Your breasts should turn to their normal sensation within a few weeks to months after your treatment.

Are any other procedures commonly performed with a breast lift?

Along with other breast enhancement procedures, liposuction is commonly performed with a breast lift to dislodge excess fat near and around the chest and upper body. This allows for more slender and lean contours and accents the definition of the breasts.

Should I wait to have a breast lift until after having children?

It is recommended that women have all of their children before pursuing any cosmetic changes to the breasts. This is because the breasts are likely to change during and after pregnancy.

Will I be able to breastfeed following a breast lift?

Some patients can still breastfeed after a breast lift; however, it is not always possible to produce as much breast milk.