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7 Issues That Ear Surgery Can Correct

Posted June 20, 2016 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists


Ear surgery
is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of your ears. Whether you are a child or an adult, ear surgery can correct any of the following issues so that your ears look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Otoplasty Before and After

1. Overly Large Ears

Ear surgery can reduce the size of overly large ears. Through removal of ear cartilage and reshaping the remaining cartilage, your plastic surgeon can make your ears look more balanced with the rest of your features.

2. Overly Protruding Ears

Some ears may be a normal size but protrude excessively from the side of the head. Ears that “stick out” can lead to ridicule and body image issues that may damage the psyche. Ear surgery can remove excess cartilage and soften overly protruding ears so that they lie flatter against the head.

3. Misshapen Earlobes

Earlobes can be misshapen for any number of reasons. They may be genetically large or small, altered from heavy earrings, torn due to injury, or otherwise misshapen. Ear surgery can recreate a more natural-looking earlobe for each ear.

4. Folded Ear Tips (Lop Ear)

Folded ear tips (lop ear) are characterized by the top part of each ear being folded over, which creates a drooping appearance. This inherited condition can also be corrected with ear surgery.

5. Unusually Small Ears

While unusually small ears are less common than overly large ears, they may also give you a less attractive appearance. Using cartilage from the ribs, small ears can be reformed and reshaped so that they are larger and more balanced with your other features.

6.  Congenital Defects

In addition to the above issues, other congenital defects may also cause the ears to look abnormal. Examples include microtia (where one or both ears are underdeveloped), anotia (where one or both outer ears are missing), Stahl’s ear (where the outer ear is pointed), cryptotia (where the upper ear is underneath the scalp skin), and more. Ear surgery can correct these congenital issues and restore a more natural ear appearance.

7. Ear Injuries

Ear injuries can leave lasting damage to the structure of the ear, in some cases even leading to the loss of an ear. With ear surgery, the injured or lost ear can be reshaped or reconstructed to restore natural facial balance.

If you or someone you love has one of the above ear issues, ear surgery can help. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Jack or Dr. Oliver to learn more about how ear surgery could improve the appearance of your ears. Call (205) 298-8660 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us today.