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Correcting Breast Asymmetry Its More Common Than You Think

Posted May 08, 2013 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists

Breast Enhancement, Breast Implants

Although it is not always apparent, no woman’s breasts are perfectly symmetrical. For some, the difference between their breasts is very noticeable and can be extremely embarrassing.

Breast Asymmetry Disorder is a condition characterized by extreme differences in size, position, or shape; differences in nipple height, areola diameter, and breast height and width are some irregularities that are more common than you may think. Breast asymmetry can negatively affect women’s personal and social lives by causing stress, social inhibition, lack of self-confidence, and difficulty finding appropriate clothing, especially swimwear. Studies have shown that these issues were improved following breast asymmetry surgery, resulting in higher self-esteem and quality of life.

How Breast Asymmetry Occurs

Breast size abnormalities can be the result of genetics, random growth patterns, traumatic injuries during the developmental phase, and hormonal changes. Another condition that causes breast asymmetry is Poland’s syndrome — a lack of pectoral muscle and an underdeveloped breast.

During puberty, the hormone estrogen activates the growth of breast tissue in girls, and the breasts are generally fully developed within four years thereafter. By the age of 21 most women’s breasts are fully developed, and if breast asymmetry exists at that age it is likely permanent unless corrected with breast surgery.

Breast Surgery to Correct Asymmetry

Many women who suffer from Breast Asymmetry Disorder decide to undergo surgery to alleviate this problem. There are many different techniques that can be used to correct a woman’s particular condition. This includes:

Breast reduction to the larger breast: Women who have excessively large breasts but an asymmetrical appearance can choose to have the larger breast reduced and lifted to the same height as the smaller one.

Breast implant for the smaller breast: To make breast size even, an implant can be placed in the smaller breast. For this method, the larger breast often needs a small lift and adjustment to balance out the surgically enhanced breast.

Two different sized implants: In the case where both breasts are small and asymmetrical, implants of different sizes can be inserted to enlarge both breasts to the same proportion.

A lift for one breast: When one breast (and nipple) is lower than the other, a lift can be performed on the lower breast to raise it to the same level as the higher breast.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Oliver or Dr. Jack will evaluate your individual circumstances to determine the best method for correcting your breast asymmetry. To schedule your consultation today with one of our board certified plastic surgeons, please fill out call (205) 298-8660. We look forward to hearing from you!