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Shaped vs. Round Breast Implants

Posted January 30, 2014 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists

Breast Implants

Model in red bra with breast implantsAs one of the most regularly performed plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation is desired by thousands of women every year. Although most of the specifics for a breast augmentation can be determined during your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, choosing the form (shaped or rounded) of the implants is almost entirely the patient’s choice.

To get a better understanding about the different structure that breast implants come in and which kind is best for your body, we’ve provided you with some information about both types.

Shaped Implants

Often referred to as gummy-bear implants, shaped implants are filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel that maintains a constant teardrop or tapered form. Shaped implants have textured surfaces to prevent them from moving around once they are inside of the breasts. The silicone used in shaped implants is slightly firmer than most round implants and varies significantly in feel between the three manufacturers of these devices in the United States. The more stable silicone polymer of these implants appears to account for the significantly improved durability of the implant in clinical trials. These implants are a good choice for women who wish to improve the size of their breasts while retaining a more natural (less rounded) appearance of the upper breast.

Round Implants

Round implants are filled with either liquid saline or silicone gel and contain a smooth or textured surface. The smooth surface allows the implants to move freely inside of the breasts, while the softness of the saline or silicone fill provides the natural feeling of a real breast. Textured devices move less but may be associated with less hardening of the breast over time. Round implants give a more stereotypical augmented or rounded look which may desirable to some patients.

Although shaped and round implants provide their own sets of benefits, the type that you choose will ultimately depend on your own personal preference.

The Procedure

Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis with the patient under general anesthesia. Each implant is inserted through a small incision and placed above or below the breast muscle. There are various incision patterns that can be performed during surgery, although the most common is the inframammary incision because it is so well hidden underneath the breast. Other techniques include making an incision around the areola and under the armpit. The method that is most beneficial for you will be decided during your consultation.

Recovery Process

During the first few weeks, patients should refrain from any strenuous activity and heavy lifting to ensure a speedy recovery. Bandages are applied to the breasts directly after surgery, and a specialized compression bra will be placed on the breasts to reduce swelling. Pain may be apparent during the first few days of surgery, but this can be alleviated with prescribed medication. Although complications are rare, following your surgeon’s postoperative orders can greatly reduce the chances of complications arising.

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