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Enough Is Enough Its Time To Fix Your Prominent Ears

Posted March 05, 2018 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists


Blonde boy covering his earsOur ears are one of the few body features that cannot easily be concealed.

Ears that protrude more prominently than others can be a source of constant ridicule, mockery, and bullying that can make daily life challenging. “Elephant ears” or “Dumbo ears” are just a couple of the hurtful names that individuals, both young and old, are subject to.

Children and adults often attempt to cover their protruding ears with long hair or hooded sweatshirts, and they may refuse to wear jewelry, such as earrings, because it will only make their ears more noticeable. When an individual’s discomfort with their ears reaches unbearable levels of anxiety and embarrassment, it is time to make a change.

Two Hours

That’s all it takes! In under two hours, a life can be changed. Ear surgery, medically known as otoplasty, is a relatively easy procedure that cosmetically alters the ears. During the operation, the ears are pulled back by removing millimeters of cartilage.

This procedure, commonly known as “ear pinning,” creates a more natural look that is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

By age 5, an individual’s ears have grown to 80 percent of their full size, which is why the ear pinning surgery is more commonly performed on children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old. Due to this rapid ear growth, many children will have the surgery before entering grade school in order to avoid bullying or harassment from their peers. However, older teens and adults who are facing difficulties with their ear size are still considered good candidates for the procedure.

The procedure requires that children be put under general anesthesia while the operation is performed, but adults will only require local anesthesia with a sedative on an outpatient basis.

The Recovery

After otoplasty, patients will wear bandages wrapped over the ears to secure them in place and assist in healing. In about a week, the bandages will be replaced with smaller dressings. At this time, children will be able to return to school and adults back to work. While children may need only over-the-counter pain medication for mild discomfort, adults often require prescription pain medication to manage discomfort in the first three to five days.

The Important Benefits

Children of school age are usually the ones subject to bullying and teasing due to large, protruding ears. Many parents will opt for ear surgery before the teasing severely affects their child’s psyche. For children and adults who have already been subjected to teasing, ear surgery can dramatically improve emotional and psychological conditions by increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t wait! Call 205-298-8660 to schedule your consultation. Get the surgery, wear your hair in a ponytail, show off those new earrings, and go live life with confidence.