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The Many Uses of BOTOX®

Posted December 16, 2014 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists

Injectables, Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

BOTOX® is the most popular injectable in the world and is FDA approved to erase fine lines and soften wrinkles on the face. In addition to treating frown lines and crow’s feet, this neurotoxin is an effective treatment for other interesting ailments.

A woman in a red top and black skirt holding her hands to her temples in pain

  1. Chronic Migraines

In 2010, BOTOX® was FDA approved for the treatment of chronic migraines. A person with chronic migraines suffers from a painful headache 15 or more days per month. To maintain lasting relief, patients receive injections around the head and neck about every 12 weeks from qualified medical specialists.

  1. Sweating

Believe it or not, BOTOX® can improve severe underarm sweating. It works by blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. BOTOX® completely prevents sweating in the underarms without “backing up” sweat production or causing any other problems. All other areas of the body will produce sweat normally. In clinical studies, 81 percent of patients experienced more than a 50 percent reduction in underarm sweating.

  1. Depression

If you’ve ever had success with the advice, “Fake it ‘til you make it,” it should not be surprising that BOTOX® can improve depression. A study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research in May found that 52 percent of subjects suffering from depression showed some extent of relief after receiving BOTOX® injections to their “frown lines.” The study suggests that not using the muscles that indicate sadness might actually help to prevent feeling the emotion.

  1. Urinary Incontinence

BOTOX® has been FDA approved to reduce urinary incontinence from neurological injuries. It also may help control overactive bladder, which affects one in five adults over the age of 40.

  1. Teeth Grinding

When injected into the temporomandibular joint, BOTOX® can relax the chewing muscles of the face that cause grinding of the teeth, or “bruxism.” The effect lasts about four months and can help prevent damage to the teeth as well as chronic headaches and jaw pain.

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  1. Joint Pain

BOTOX® can alleviate joint pain, improve joint function, and decrease osteoarthritis pain. It is used most commonly in the knees.

  1. Hand Tremors

Muscle spasms or hand tremors are often a side effect of multiple sclerosis. Because it is a muscle relaxant, BOTOX® has been used to ease muscle spasms and even improve patients’ ability to write.

Since BOTOX® can be used to improve your appearance, reduce the frequency of chronic migraines, boost your mood, and improve your quality of life in so many ways, it is no surprise that it remains the number one non-invasive cosmetic procedure. If you are interested in BOTOX® injections in Birmingham, AL, please schedule your appointment with Dr. Robert I. Oliver Jr. or Dr. Jason M. Jack by calling (205) 298-8660 today. For your convenience, you may also fill out our online contact form.