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Reduce Fat Without Surgery

Posted January 13, 2015 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists

Apollo™ system, Body Contouring, Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

For some people, the idea of surgery can be daunting, keeping them from getting those quick fixes they want to feel better about themselves. That’s why the Apollo™ system is a great solution for one’s body contouring needs. Dr. Oliver and Dr. Jack use this nonsurgical, pain-free procedure that involves no recovery time. Virtually anyone can utilize the Apollo™ system because it is perfect for any skin type.slender woman in a yellow bikini with contouring lines

What Does It Do?

The Apollo™ system is a noninvasive treatment that uses TriPolar Radio Frequency technology applied under the skin to stimulate collagen production, which plumps and smoothes areas with wrinkles and cellulite. The procedure reduces localized fat, improves the appearance of cellulite, and can eliminate inches from the waist. It can also be used on the face and neck to tighten skin and reduce signs of wrinkles and aging.

Why Use It?

The Apollo™ system is a time saver compared to surgical options. The procedure itself takes no more than one hour, and there is no recovery time involved. With the Apollo™ system, Dr. Oliver and Dr. Jack control the energy and the target area to provide patients with a pain-free experience. The procedure can be performed on any skin type with immediately visible results that are clinically proven to be long lasting.

When something is this quick and easy, why wait? Call (205) 298-8660 to set up a consultation today or fill out our online contact form here. Come see what Dr. Robert Oliver and Dr. Jason Jack can do for you with the Apollo™ system.