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When to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted February 11, 2015 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists

Breast Reduction

Benefits of Breast Reduction

It’s no secret among women that ideal beauty, which should be subjective, is often treated as if it is purely objective. Each woman’s fantasy body is unique, however, and has been crafted by personal benefits of breast reductionexperiences over the years. Women become ashamed of their bodies when they don’t reflect what they typically see in popular culture. This struggle is most prevalent in how women view their breast size. Many women feel that they don’t stack up against society, making breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery in America for women. Some women, on the other hand, feel that their breasts are much larger than normal, which also affects their confidence. However, they rarely seek treatment because breast reduction isn’t glamorized in the media.

Famous Breast Reduction Recipients

Numerous Hollywood stars have breast implants. It happens so frequently that there is little stigma associated with them any more, which makes sense for a society in which larger breasts are idealized. So few women in the spotlight choose to have breast reduction surgery that normal women feel self-conscious considering it for themselves. However, these famous ladies chose to have breast reduction surgery to improve their lives:

  • Drew Barrymore (actress)

  • Queen Latifah (singer/actress)

  • Star Jones (TV personality)

  • Patricia Heaton (actress)

  • Katie Price (model)

  • Patti Stanger (TV personality)

  • Dina Manzo (TV personality)

  • Soleil Moon Frye (actress)

Why Women Choose to Get a Breast Reduction

Women generally choose to reduce the size of their breasts either due to physical pain or emotional pain. The pain keeps women from living the lives they want and feeling confident with their bodies. No woman should have to live feeling limited by her body.

Back and Neck Pain

The most common complaint among women with overly large breasts is the pain it causes in their backs and necks. To relieve the burden of extra front weight, women find themselves hunching forward. This poor posture is terrible for the spine and neck. It’s a lose/lose battle because many women don’t have strong enough cores to support the immense frontal weight, but slouching is a pain in the neck (literally). Many women say they have trouble sleeping because of their back pain and constantly have to take pain relievers to feel comfortable.

Exercise Pain

The pain that overly large breasts cause during exercise is both physical and mental. The aggressive movements used when working out create soreness in the chest. Once breasts reach a certain size, sport bras have trouble strapping them down and keeping them in place. Many women also feel self-conscious during their workout because jogging or jumping brings unwanted attention to them and their chest.

Fashion Pain

Women with overly large breasts find that they are limited in their fashion choices. Most tops and dresses aren’t made to fit over ample chests. Clothing that is big enough for their top halves are often too big for the rest of their bodies. It becomes discouraging when you can’t feel beautiful in your clothes. Another complaint is that very few bras designed for larger-breasted women are pretty. They usually are made from sturdy material in beige and tan. Women don’t even feel attractive in them, let alone feel that anyone else would find them attractive in them. And forget about them ever slipping into a bikini.

Emotional Pain

It is too often that women with overly large breast are embarrassed and self-conscious about their bodies. They feel that their breasts are disproportionate to their frame or don’t meet with a “normal” body image standards. They may receive unwanted male attention and feel that their bodies limit the way other people perceive them. Since large breasts begin to develop in early womanhood, many women have spent years hiding away their bodies. Eventually, the emotional burden becomes too much to bear.

Deciding if Breast Reduction Is Right for You

It can be hard deciding if breast reduction is right for you. Today’s culture pressures women into believing that their “natural assets” are a gift and it would be a shame to do away with them. You should remember that it’s you who has to live in your body. Considering something as drastic as surgery obviously indicates that this is a serious issue for you. You don’t have to live in pain or be unhappy with your body. It’s time you loved yourself and loved your breasts. Breast reduction may be just what you need to take charge of your life and feel fabulous in your own skin. For more information about breast reduction surgery, click here.

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