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Is It Time for Eyelid Surgery?

Posted August 01, 2022 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists

Eyelid Surgery

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Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a popular facial plastic surgery procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of aging eyes or those that naturally have excess skin on the upper eyelid

It can also address bags under the eyes and can easily be combined with other cosmetic facial surgeries.

Before and after image of a woman with eyelid surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Blepharoplasty?

The reason for the popularity of eyelid surgery is its ability to restore beauty to your eyes. 

If your eyes have lost their luster due to wrinkles, bags, or excess fat and skin in the upper or lower eyelids, eyelid surgery is the ideal procedure for you. 

Blepharoplasty can help in the following ways:

  • Smoothes out wrinkles that develop around the eyes and on the eyelids to make you look younger.
  • Reduces upper-eyelid hooding and “heavy” eyelids. 
  • Removes under-eye bags that make you look tired and uninterested, making you look rested and alert.
  • Improves eyesight in cases where the upper eyelid hangs down and covers the eyes, partially blocking vision.

If any of the above conditions are affecting you, then it might be time for eyelid surgery.

Why Should I Consider Eyelid Surgery Now?

There are many reasons that now might be the right time for you to undergo eyelid surgery:

  • You are young and have always wanted more defined upper eyelids to improve the look of your eyes.
  • Your eyelids have begun to sag over time, detracting from your eyes’ natural beauty.
  • You are planning another facial procedure like a facelift, nose job, or cosmetic ear surgery and want to get the most out of the process by addressing your eyes as well.
  • You have a reunion, your wedding, or any other important life event coming up and want to look your best.

Young and mature eyes can both benefit from blepharoplasty. 

For the young who want to define their upper eyelids (due to naturally droopy eyelids), graduation from high school or college can be the perfect time to have this procedure done and can increase your confidence when entering the job market.

More mature individuals can benefit greatly from this surgery at any time. Planning your procedure well in advance of an important event can help you impress others while you enjoy long-lasting results. 

For mature women and men planning to have any other facial surgery, adding eyelid surgery can provide a far more comprehensive aesthetic improvement.

Should I Combine My Blepharoplasty With Another Surgical Procedure?

If you are young or sagging eyelids and bags are your only sign of aging, then having this procedure by itself can significantly improve your facial appearance. However, if you have other concerns, like loosening facial skin, extensive wrinkles, or a hollowed look, combining eyelid surgery with a facelift can deliver a complete facial rejuvenation.

If you are troubled by a prominent nose or ears, combining blepharoplasty with rhinoplasty or otoplasty can correct these issues at the same time.

Avoid combining eyelid surgery with cosmetic procedures on other parts of the body. Combining blepharoplasty with other facial surgeries can save time and money, but undergoing any facial procedure with another surgery elsewhere can be unsafe and is not recommended.

What Kind of Results Can I Hope for After Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery is long lasting.

Blepharoplasty provides results that can last up to two decades, and while it cannot prevent the aging process from continuing, most patients enjoy their results for more than 10 years following surgery.

Interested in Blepharoplasty in Birmingham, AL?

If you have any additional questions or are ready to schedule your blepharoplasty consultation, call us 205-298-8660. Plastic Surgery Specialists of Birmingham, Alabama, provide eyelid surgery and can guide you through the blepharoplasty process.