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What Is the Best Age to Undergo Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Posted September 01, 2022 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists


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There is no denying that children with overly large, protruding ears can be spared a significant amount of teasing and emotional distress by undergoing corrective ear surgery as soon as their ears have matured

However, this is not always possible because cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) is not usually covered by health insurance.

Boy - before and after otoplasty.

If you are an adult with concerns about ear prominence or a parent of a child with pronounced ears, here are some tips on determining the right time or age to choose this ear surgery.

Otoplasty Tips for Kids and Teens

Most kids are eligible for an otoplasty by the age of six, as their ears have reached full maturity. This is an optimal time for them to undergo the surgery. 

Choosing to schedule the surgery early in your child’s life comes with a variety of benefits. 

Not only will they be able to have the procedure (which usually repositions the ears closer to the scalp) before they reach an age where schoolchildren can poke fun of them for their ears, but they are usually also able to heal quite quickly from the procedure. 

Ways to Pay:

  • Care Credit – This credit provider and others offer flexible terms with varying interest rates for medical procedures. This is a good option if you can afford to make payments and want your child to have the surgery as soon as possible.
  • Savings – If early intervention is not an option for financial reasons and you want your child to receive treatment in the future, setting up a dedicated savings account can help you prepare for other ideal times for this procedure.

Ideal Times for Your Child to Undergo Otoplasty:

  • As stated, children can receive corrective ear surgery as early as six years old
  • Before transitioning to middle school or high school
  • As a high school graduation gift
  • Before a major move to a new location

Weighing the amount you can save each month can lead you to the right age or opportunity for your child to receive cosmetic ear surgery and help you plan for your child’s potentially life-changing procedure. 

Otoplasty for Adults

Woman - before and after otoplasty.Adults who never had otoplasty (ear pinning surgery) as a child or teen can choose to undergo this simple but transformative procedure at any time. 

Depending on your age, some opportune times to receive treatment for your prominent ears include:

  • After graduation from college
  • Before entering the workforce 
  • Before your wedding
  • Before making a major move 
  • Before planning a career change
  • Before a reunion
  • Now, or anytime you feel a strong desire to address this concern

Otoplasty/Ear Surgery for Kids and Adults in Birmingham, AL

Drs. Robert Oliver Jr. and Jason M. Jack and the team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Birmingham, Alabama, are happy to answer all your otoplasty questions. Schedule an in-depth consultation by calling (205) 298-8660 or contacting us online.