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How Can I Maintain My Injectable Results During Quarantine?

Posted November 23, 2020 By: The Office of Birmingham Specialists


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Quarantine has made many things difficult, including keeping up with our regular beauty regimens, such as hair, nail, and waxing appointments as well as BOTOX® Cosmetic, lip filler appointments, and other injectable treatments. As we re-enter another stage of lockdowns with tighter restrictions, it will become more challenging to go to these appointments once more. Individuals should be prepared for this and learn how to upkeep their results during the next (or current) lockdown period.

Needle syringe and jar of dermal filler on blue background.

Follow a Good Skin Care Routine

A solid skincare routine can help your skin stay firmer, elevating the results you see from injectables. Quarantine is the perfect time to start a great skin care regimen that you follow every morning and night. Make sure to apply moisturizer twice daily and drink plenty of water.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Regardless of whether you receive injectable treatments or not, reducing your sun exposure is an essential part of taking care of your skin. Sun damage to the skin is the leading cause of wrinkles and skin discoloration. That is why any good skincare routine includes sunscreen application every morning—even on cloudy days!

Not only does the sun damage your skin tone and texture, but it also impacts the quality of your filler results, such as those achieved with JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®.

It may be tempting to break up the monotonous days of quarantine with walks outside, but if you do so, always apply a high SPF. If you can, cover your face, neck, and hands as much as possible.


Unfortunately, there’s plenty to be stressed about these days. People are concerned about their safety and health, their financial situations and job security, and the state of the world. When we feel stressed, we often frown and squint, which stimulates the muscles and can cause them to lose the effect of fillers faster.

Try to destress as much as possible. Consider taking up yoga or meditation, journaling, or taking moments in the day when you focus on just yourself.

Zinc Supplements

Studies have shown that Zinc reacts directly with BOTOX® Cosmetic and can increase BOTOX® Cosmetic’s effects by up to 30 percent. Most people might not be aware that they have a slight zinc deficiency, so taking zinc supplements can have two significant benefits. First, it prolongs the results of BOTOX® Cosmetic, so you get the most out of your injectables. And secondly, it can boost your immune system, which is especially important right now.

Interested in Learning More?

If you still have time, consider getting another round of injectables before a more permanent quarantine is enforced. This will ensure you are looking your best during the long weeks of lockdown. At Plastic Surgery Specialists of Birmingham, Alabama, we are taking serious safety measures to limit the risk of COVID-19 to both our staff and our patients.

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