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5 Tips to Make Recovery From Plastic Surgery More Comfortable

Posted March 01, 2023 in Plastic Surgery Recovery

3 Minute Read: No matter how excited you are for the results of your cosmetic surgery, the prospect of your recovery period can seem daunting. And while it’s completely normal to feel nervous about this period, recovery is part of the process and, if done correctly, should not be something to worry about.  While the […]

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How Have Advancements in Liposuction Led to Better Results and Shorter Recovery Times?

Posted February 01, 2023 in Liposuction

3 Minute Read: Do you struggle with excess fat in the midsection or other areas of the body (including the upper arms, jawline, and lower legs)?  Well, chances are that you do, since excess fat is one of the most common and frustrating aesthetic issues that women and men deal with.  And while these pockets […]

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3 Ways Cosmetic Fat Transfer Can Improve Your Body and Face

Posted January 04, 2023 in Fat Grafting

3 Minute Read: The desire to add or restore volume to the face, breasts, and buttocks is not new, nor is the use of fat transfer to accomplish cosmetic improvements. While implants and dermal fillers are sometimes used to increase volume (and can be the best options for particular patients), fat transfer can provide more […]

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When Should You Undergo Surgery for Gynecomastia?

Posted December 01, 2022 in Gynecomastia Surgery

4 Minute Read: When excess fat and glandular tissue develop on the chest of older boys and men, giving them the appearance of having breasts, it’s called gynecomastia. This condition often causes emotional stress or embarrassment and can even be physically painful. Gynecomastia correction surgery is performed to remove excess tissue, fat, and skin from […]

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How to Choose Your SkinMedica® Products

Posted October 04, 2022 in Skin Care

4 Minute Read: SkinMedica® is an effective medical-grade skin care option endorsed by and available through board-certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists. This professional skin care line is backed by thorough scientific research and produces the kind of results many have come to expect from Allergan™. While a consultation is advised to learn more about your […]

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What Is the Best Age to Undergo Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Posted September 01, 2022 in Otoplasty

3 Minute Read:  There is no denying that children with overly large, protruding ears can be spared a significant amount of teasing and emotional distress by undergoing corrective ear surgery as soon as their ears have matured.  However, this is not always possible because cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) is not usually covered by health insurance. […]

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Is It Time for Eyelid Surgery?

Posted August 01, 2022 in Eyelid Surgery

3 Minute Read:  Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a popular facial plastic surgery procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of aging eyes or those that naturally have excess skin on the upper eyelid.  It can also address bags under the eyes and can easily be combined with other cosmetic facial surgeries. What Are the […]

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Customizing Your Cosmetic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery

Posted July 01, 2022 in Body Contouring

3 Minute Read:  If you have lost a significant amount of weight after undergoing bariatric surgery (or through natural means), congratulations! You are well on your way to a total transformation. Most likely, your new contours are hiding beneath loose or excess skin. So, to complete the process, and address the excess skin left behind […]

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How Much Will My Breast Surgery Cost in Birmingham, AL?

Posted April 04, 2022 in Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery Cost

5 Minute Read:  Many women are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. Whether women want larger, more voluminous breasts, are unhappy with the overly large size of their breasts, or simply want to have their sagging breasts lifted to a more youthful position, plastic surgeries for the breasts are some of the most common […]

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Is It Smart to Use Heat or Ice While Recovering From Plastic Surgery?

Posted March 02, 2022 in Plastic Surgery Recovery

4 Minute Read:  Heat and ice are staples when it comes to recovering from an injury. Do you have a sore muscle? Make sure to cover it with a heating pad. Did you bump your leg or arm? Put some ice on it.  And while these are good remedies for common bumps, bruises, and strains, […]

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